Fine Tuning my Focus

I have done plenty of soul searching and praying as of late about focus. I don't think I lack in the ability to focus. In fact, I have tendancies toward hyperfocus. It just seems that my hyperfocus changes ALOT in the scheme of time. 

I think I am accepting the fact that I will never be one to be employed at the same job doing the same thing for 30 years, even though loyalty is very important to me. What's funny is that's what I thought I WOULD be like. 

After teaching public school art for ten years, I wanted to stay home with my babies. Both Mike and I dove into free lancing. Mike was very focused: music lessons. I was doing lots of digital design work and photography all the while longing to make stuff. So, I added painting and craft classes and an Etsy shop. Shortly before Covid, I found out I love facepainting... which promptly stopped with Covid. 

Then, during Covid, I started decorating cakes for more than friends and family. My list of passions and artistic endevours was growing, and growing, and growing all as I was also homeschooling! 

Then, suddenly, and I mean suddenly, the non-profit that my husband founded (CollECtive Choir), was handed over a building to rent. The building has two sides, one of which would make a pretty great dance studio. 

Add another passion, that had been neglected since coaching during my school teaching days, to the list.

Fast forward a few months and CollECtive Choir morphed into CollECtive Arts, and I began a dance ministry called Might in Motion. Needless to say, it's stolen my focus in the best way.

Oh, and I took a job teaching elementary art one day a week at a local private school. HA!

So, I'm whittling down. Pruning. Fine tuning my focus on the things that are most important: raising and homeschooling my small humans and ministering to our community through the arts. 

I'm not completely abandoning all other creative outlets. Custom cake making has been a source of great joy, and I will continue to take on orders as I am able. 

The thing I'm having the most difficulty accepting is that it's time to shed my photography business, because I have LOVED building relationships with clients. However, I am lacking time for sessions and really not enjoying the editing process like I used to. I'll never stop taking photos, it's just going to be of my life instead of others'. 

I'm hooooooping that I can use this space to share ideas and thoughts. Probably most having to do with homeschooling, art lessons, and things that are a by-product of these things I am focusing on. 

I'm grateful for those of you who have supported me in all of my free lance/business ventures. All of those things served me well when I needed. 

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  1. Love this heart of yours! It shines and will be even brighter as you refine!