In Times Like This

I have mentioned before my tendencies to avoid the news media but, unless you live in a hole in the ground the events of the latest election are pretty unavoidable. 

I pretty much avoid all political commentary just as much as I avoid licking door knobs so, this is as close as I get.

A new year is upon us. 

Though I don't make resolutions, I do reflect. I usually have something (or fifty things) that I struggled with throughout the year. Usually those are the things that I want to change.

Last year, I jumped on the band wagon of choosing a word for the new year. Last year it was Peace.

This year, my word is


I have been working really hard to decipher the things that are in my circle of control. I have this tendency to want control over ALL THE THINGS. And if I don't feel in control of things then, my anxiety takes control of me. 

The problem is, in reality, there isn't a whole lot that I ACTUALLY can control <--- duh, I know.

Everyday, I have to evaluate what is in my circle. Everyday, I have to surrender what falls outside of the circle to God. The One who is ultimately in control of everything. 

I mean, do I really think I can do it better than Him?  <--- UGH! Sometimes I do! Help me, Jesus.

All this to say that recent events in our world have caused a great amount of anxiety in me and I am determined to do the things that are in my control and let God take care of the rest. 

I choose the word surrender rather than say "choice" or "control," because the ratio of what is actually in my control to what I WANT to control is like 1 :  1 billion so, the act of surrender is going to be a multiple times a day kind of action. It will need to be at the forefront of my thoughts.

So in times like this:

Happy New Year, friends!

Do you have a word for the year?
Do you do resolutions?
Let's share and encourage each other in the comments!

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