My Minimal, Mostly Natural Hygiene Routine

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Also, please do your research on essential oils if you are truly interested. Read this post for more.

When I started looking into essential oils for my anxiety, I learned A LOT about the amount of STUFF that is in beauty and hygiene products; so much of that stuff is really awful for us. 

Chemicals, dyes, perfumes... 

When I really took stock of what I was putting on my skin and in my mouth, I was shocked!

So, in the last couple of years, I have been making changes to have a more natural, chemical free life.

But I'm gonna keep it real.

Here is the other side of my bathroom counter:

I fully intend to dye my hair next week after I get a hair cut. Baby steps, right?

Oh... and jelly beans, 'cuz potty training.

Let's talk tooth paste.
I was worried that natural wouldn't cut it. After all, there's no fluoride in it. Well, let me tell you a story. The first time I went to the dentist after I started using natural tooth paste, the hygienist asked me, 

"Are you doing something different since your last visit?"

My first thought was OH CRAP! I totally lied and said no.

Her reply was that I need to keep doing whatever I was doing, because the number of "deep pockets" (whatever the heck those are) had gone from 17 at my last visit to 8.

She didn't even lecture me on flossing, 'cause well... I don't... very often... like once a week... or maybe once every two. Did I just admit that?!

When she told me this, I *suddenly* remembered to tell her that I was using a home made toothpaste. 

Here is what I use for my toothpaste:
1 part coconut oil
1 part baking soda
1/3 part hydrogen peroxide (optional for whitening)
Appropriate ratio of peppermint essential oil

Now, I'm not gonna lie, the first time I used this, I was NOT A FAN. It tasted so salty and bland compared to the minty, Aspartame (yes... ASPARTAME) sweetened toothpaste I was used to, but I was determined to stick with it. After just a few days, I was used to the taste and thoroughly impressed by how clean my mouth felt after every brush. I'll never go back.

Facial Care:
I don't have time or patience for any more facial steps than cleanser and moisturizer. 

I use a simple Neutrogena bar cleanser (not totally natural ingredients though) if I wore make up that day. If I didn't wear any make up, I just use my body cloth from Norwex. 

I moisturize with a mixture of 50% Jojoba oil and 50% Rose Hip oil. I add to that an appropriate 2% ratio combo of Tea Tree essential oil  and either Lavender or Frankincense essential oil. 

Six to 8 drops on my face is all I need for all day moisture. Oh, and don't freak out if your Rose Hip oil is yellow... it absorbs colorlessly ; ) Seriously, the container I have right now will last me a year for sure!

Body Care:
Again, soap and moisturizer only for me and actually, I rarely ever use lotion on my body other than my hands. I need LOTS for my hands especially during winter.

In the shower, I wash up with Dove bar soap for sensitive skin, and exfoliate with my Norwex cloth mentioned above.

My lotion is 50% coconut oil and 50% shea butter and then 2% ratio of your favorite essential oils. I am currently using Spearmint and Eucalyptus. 

This lotion is so thick and creamy. It takes just a tiny amount to do the job, and I really only need to re-apply after I wash my hands.

Hair Care:
I used to use shampoo and conditioner, but not any more. I found this bar soap and I LOVE it. 

I did a whole ton of research on the "no poo" method and all kinds of DIY shampoos. It just seemed that home made shampoos that were actually PH balanced (do your research on that) had to be mixed right before you used it or refrigerated or lasted only a few days. 

This shampoo suds up nicely which isn't always the case with natural shampoos. It also rinses totally clean. 

I use this on my kids too, even my daughter's long hair. There is no need for conditioner, and her hair is no more tangly than it was using the popular store bought kids' shampoos.

A few times, I have used regular shampoos while we've traveled and stayed other places. I notice every time how slimy they leave her hair, like the shampoo never rinses out. It just feels like build up in her hair.

Finally, for control of my pixie cut, which can be affected by major cowlick action, I use this recipe by Robin Konie of 

Less chemicals. Less time. Cost effective. All of these things are a win for me!

Have you thought about the ingredients in your products before? It's worth a look. Share your experiences in the comments!


  1. Love this! I've heard good things about homemade toothpaste and I've tried it a few times but I have a problem of being so used to the feeling/taste post-normal toothpaste that not having that exact feeling, made me feel like I wasn't actually cleaning my teeth. I should try it again though because I've really been trying to move away from chemical filled anything!

  2. I love these recipes! I'm definitely going to try some! We cut out mainly all chemicals in our household products except my shampoo and conditioner. I'm totally trying that bar!

  3. I heard that baking sode+water can be used as natural shampoo, too. But yours look better :)