I Increased My Blogging Productivity with This

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This will probably be the last post I ever do on advice for other bloggers. There are SO many amazing bloggers out there who are completely dedicated to helping others grow and improve their blog.

But you guys! This little tool is life changing for me.

Believe it or not, there are times during my day when my kids are getting along beautifully and fully engaged with playing with each other. It is almost magical, and I sit and watch them and think, "holy cow! I am blessed."

Then, after a few minutes, I find myself twiddling my thumbs feeling like I am wasting my life.

Yea... yea... yea... dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. Whatever, that can wait.

Well, you're probably thinking, "go write a blog post," and I would say, "great idea!"

Then, I would go upstairs to grab my big ole laptop AND the chord. I would plug in said laptop, because it no longer has any battery life. (I know I could buy a new battery, but I have a large laptop -- for photography and design.) Then, I would wait for it to boot up... even out of hibernate, it takes a few minutes to pick up the wifi and get my web browser up.

I guarantee then, as soon as I start typing, the kids will say they wanna play outside.

Well, I guess I can network on my Kindle Fire while they play outside. I love the mobility and touch screen of the Kindle Fire, but commenting on blog posts is a big pain when using a touch screen.

I was fast realizing I wanted something that was in between my Kindle Fire and my full laptop. I wanted something super portable with awesome battery life that I can pretty much just use for blogging and networking... and watching some Netflix (let's be real). Plus, it needs to be affordable.

I first looked at tablets, but the good ones were out of my price range, and I really wasn't sold on having to buy the keyboard separately. My conclusion, I wanted like a "mini laptop," without all the software programs.

So... Ta Da!
Behold the Chromebook : )

Here is the one I got.
I LOVE that the keyboard is attached AND it is a touch screen. Like right now... I just touched save on my screen and didn't have to use my touch pad. I love touching the screen to scroll and then jumping immediately to a fully functional keyboard.

Right now, my kids are building with blocks, and I am almost done with a post!

So, bloggers or writers of any sort, think about one of these if you are longing for efficiency in your life!

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