Post Holiday Havoc

It was all amazing. Multiple days of celebration with family and friends. I loved watching my children open presents and interact with uncles, aunts, and grandparents. 

THEY enjoyed opening presents and tons of one on one attention from uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

As fun as all the celebrations were, I was so excited for the day after. The day to stay at home in my jammies all day and just "be." 

I imagined, my children, peacefully playing with all their new toys. Me... sitting with my coffee and reading my book as they played in the background. I looked forward to time with my husband to process and chat about the season and hopes for the new year. Then, some family time, maybe playing outside followed by popcorn and a movie.


Well, I did stay in my jammies all day.

I should have known that two children going through constant one on one attention and sugar with drawl aren't going to play peacefully for more than five minutes.

Lord, help me.

I am not exaggerating. One of them was melting down over something every five minutes. 

Mike and I talked for a few very interrupted minutes. Then, it seems we were separated most of the day taking turns refereeing the kids. 

I can't even count how many times I said, "that behavior is not getting you what you want!" or "I can't understand you, use words, please" (to my four year old too). We re-played situations over and over and OVER again. It's like they had never heard of taking turns or saying please or keeping their hands to themselves. 

I heated up my coffee five times. I read two pages of my book. I hardly saw my husband. The popcorn and movie SHOULD have been taken away, but because Mike and I simply needed some peace, we let them watch. 

It was only through past learning, that we knew better than to threaten to take away the movie, because if you say it... you HAVE to do it, right?!

That was a day I felt like this parenting thing was just too hard. I felt frustrated and depleted. I wanted to quit. 

But, we can't quit parenting.

And I suppose if it wasn't hard, we wouldn't feel much reward when they do say please, and they share, and they show compassion for each other. Our hearts wouldn't swell when they tell their grand parents, "if we work together, it'll get done faster." 

But seriously, I could really live without the post holiday activity havoc.

Kid caregivers, how do you deal with "the day afters?" The day after a few days of constant activity, attention, and treats... OR feel free to share some stories so we know we aren't alone : )


  1. Good, so it wasn't just our house that was like this the day after (or even later in the evening on Christmas)! :) About halfway through the day, I just kind of gave up and let them "duke it out" downstairs. In fact, at one point I snuck back upstairs where Jon was already watching TV and just said "shhh, let's see how long they stay down there without noticing we're relaxing up here". That lasted 5 minutes! After a day or two, they seemed to calm down. So next year, I think I may just stay in my jammies and sneak upstairs to watch tv with Jon!

  2. Well, after everything was put away from the day I went to bed--quiet around the house--too quiet. Next day did the bed clothes and spent the morning playing Pickleball!! Great Day and wouldn't have traded it for anything!

  3. And, the kids, they behaved themselves quite well, actually.