I Make Some Artists Mad -- Why I Believe in Accessible and Free

I am an artist. I love to create. I will make stuff and take photographs whether I get paid or not.
Most artists would do the same. In our love and passion for what we do, artists are usually united.

It's our views on how much we should get paid to share our craft is where we clash.
I have been in the company of other artists and photographers who complain about other artists who just "give their stuff away" or "are so cheap they totally devalue art and other artists."

There are artists out there who absolutely lose it if their photos or art are posted to a blog without permission or copied or scanned and distributed.

I just sit and listen and sort of slump down in my corner, because well, they would hate me.

Some would say that I have a "middle class mentality" and they are probably right. I don't have a desire to be wealthy, and I really want art to be accessible to more than those with a lot of money. It makes me angry that someone can't have good quality family photos, because they can't afford them. Why are people more deserving of art because they have more money?

Why is art a luxury?

When I price and package things, I really try to think about what I, myself, would ultimately like to pay for something. I do take into consideration man hours and expenses and all of that as well. I feel like what I come up with is reasonable. I certainly don't feel I am devaluing myself. In fact, I know there are people that still can't afford what I charge, but certainly more people can. 

I am kind of astounded to see price listings for the prints that you often HAVE to order through the photographer. Usually a minimum of $500?! Then, every time you need another print, it's another charge, because the images belong to the artist. It makes no sense to me. 

What the heck am I going to do with photos of your family?! Why hoard images of other people? 

The other reason I am willing to sell things at an affordable price or give them away is simply because of my minimalist lifestyle. I don't want this stuff piling up in my studio! I don't want it sitting around taking up space I need to make more stuff! 

As for the art I give away, that's my prerogative isn't it? My art is not your art. My living is not your living. If your copyright is yours, then, mine is mine. Don't say I'm devaluing the arts. I value my art so much that I want everyone to see it and be encouraged by it! I don't want to hide it away until someone purchases it.

All of this to say. Enjoy some free art! Print it out and frame it. It makes for beauty (and encouragement) in your home.


  1. i 100% agree with this, chris. i'm with ya! and besides, nothing we do or have or make isn't really OURS anyway. xo

  2. Word up, Sista! So true. That is a brilliant point that sadly I didn't even think of!