That Time When I Said, "No Big Birthday Party This Year"

Last year, I threw a STELLAR birthday party for my kids. They both have May birthdays so, I hosted one big party for adults and kids. I *thought* having adults over would be cool because I like all the people I hang out with, right?

Well, everyone had a blast! People told me for weeks afterward what a great party it was. The thing is... I didn't enjoy it. I was so busy "hosting" that I missed out on any relaxing visitation with said people. 

I know it's not about me. The kids had a terrific time. I loved watching them (for a few stolen moments) have a ball with their friends and family. But, there's just got to be a better way! A way for me to help give happy memories to my kids as well as for me to ENJOY doing so.

Every week, I host a "mom's group" at my house. Six moms, 12 kids. I don't know what I would do without these women in my life! Their kids are my kids' friends and would be the friends we'd invite to a party anyway. Why make another day to schedule? Our family is trying hard to take a stand against being busy. So... mom's group party it is!

It's a morning group so, I made up a simple waffle bar. That morning I set out the toppings, and poured batter (which I made the previous night) and put waffles in the oven to keep warm. Basically, I cooked ONE thing. Amazing.

Throughout the week, I prepped a couple of easy crafts and snacks for the kids to take home. Gwenyth and Reuben helped with all of them so, it wasn't stressful but a fun way to work together.

After eating waffles and dissolving dinosaur eggs, the kids played as normal and the mom's chatted as normal. I felt relaxed and happy... not like I missed out on the good time!

Birthday candles on birthday waffles -- just make sure the waffles are cool! I learned that the hard way last year with birthday pancakes : )

All of these are ideas I found on Pinterest. Words can not describe my love of Pinterest!

I did throw a "family only" party that weekend. Cake and ice cream. That was it. I think everyone actually appreciated the simplicity.

Simple. Sweet. Enjoyable!

Simple can still be super awesome.

What are some things you've simplified because you learned the hard way? Tell me in the comments!

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