A Simple, Kid Friendly Block Building Game

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First off, my husband is a gaming genius, and I don't mean computer games. He makes up his own games. Active games, board games, math games, and now a block building game. What amazes me is that he comes up with them quickly, and they are always super fun! 

This game is alternative to the regular rules of the classic game Jenga, but you could really do this game with any sort of building blocks!

Second... my floors are gross. Someday, we will re-finish them. But, right now we have toddlers. Everyone knows you can't have nice things with toddlers in the house. #reallife.

On with the game:

1. Roll the die. The number that appears on the die is how many blocks you get on your turn.
So... Gwenny gets six blocks.

2. Start building or add onto the tower. 
If you are playing with kids, you can be nice and try to get the tower as high as possible.
This is a great way for tots and kids to practice counting, fine motor skills, and team work.

HOWEVER, if you are playing with adults, you can be tricky...
Tilt blocks or try to make things unbalanced...because


Simple. Fun. Brilliant.
My two and four year old love it.
Have fun!


  1. 1)I wish I wouldn't have recently gotten rid of our Jenga game when I was weeding out games. (We never used it, but now I'm thinking we could have had some fun.)
    2)If it makes you feel better, I wish you could see our couch! Agreed, just don't bother having nice things with toddlers in the house. I'm hoping the most recent stain is from apple juice and not a more unfortunate mishap with Rachel ;)

  2. What?! You got rid of Jenga? Just kidding. I get it... hence my last post. I pray that it is apple juice too, but I can tell you, non-apple juice incidents have taken place multiple times on our couch : /