My #1 Anxiety Resource -- Dr. Claire Weekes

If you live with Anxiety, like me, I want to share with you the BEST resource I have ever found.

This book by Dr. Claire Weekes.
* this is an affiliate link, but be assured, I stand by this book 100%.*

I can't say enough good things about it. 


Some people have inquired as to why I didn't seek therapy after my last last bad anxiety breakdowns. This book is the reason.

I've done therapy twice. I'm not going to say it was worthless, but it didn't help me in the ways that I was hoping. It was mostly about "changing my thinking." Don't get me wrong, I believe that our mind set has great impact on our lives. I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works for a lot of people. It just really didn't work for me.

The thing about MY brain is that I can think positively. I KNOW my anxieties are irrational, but my body still reacts. I still feel sick. When that happens, all the positive thinking in the world doesn't work. Plus, then I feel like a failure because it's not working. 

When someone tells you not to think of an orange... what do you think of?!
So, when people tell me not to think the negative/anxiety producing thoughts, it just doesn't work.

This book is not about changing your thinking. It's about accepting.

I love that Dr. Weekes takes the reader through every physical symptom that can manifest in people with anxiety and scientifically explains what is happening to the body. It was all very comforting.

The rest of the book is about acceptance of those symptoms and "floating" through anxious times even though you feel ill. Practicing this acceptance will gradually desensitize your body so that you won't feel those symptoms so intensely anymore.

The thought of actually embracing all the feelings rather than fighting them has been life changing. All my life, I have been pleading for the feelings to just GO AWAY, doing anything to resist them and fight them off, only to make them worse.

Acceptance of the feelings, knowing they will go away soon, while "floating" through the situation...

If you live with anxiety and have yet to find a coping strategy that works, please try this book.

That is all.

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