Smashing Ideals -- Project Runway Nails it!

I am a HUGE fan of Project Runway. It's really the only "reality" show or competition show I watch.

...Besides the Bachelor...

The most recent season of PR has been my favorite so far in the history of the show. There was, as there always is, some drama and personality clashes. But, for the most part, I thought this group of contestants was very encouraging and positive towards each other -- even in the individual interviews. It was refreshing.

From the beginning I was a fan of Ashley Nell Tipton. When she made the Polaroid dress, I pegged her as a finalist for sure. She had some low moments, but I never lost hope for her. She ended up WINNING the season with this collection.

I'm not a huge fan of her finale piece, but otherwise I adore the lace. I am in love with the colors. I would feel so beautiful and feminine in these clothes. Plus, the head pieces are so lovely. They remind me of Frida Kahlo. 

What really excites me is the fact that she is the first designer in 14 seasons to design a plus size line. FINALLY. It's not that I think designing for the tall, thin models is wrong. What I hate is that it's really the only body type designed for on the runway (that gets any attention anyway). 

I don't like the term of designing for "real women." We are ALL real women! Tall, medium, and short. Fat, plump, round, a little meaty, or stick thin. I long for all kinds of bodies to be embraced on the runways and in the magazines. 

Are you a Project Runway fan? Who was your favorite this season?
What are other things that need a more diverse representation?
Discuss it in the comments!


  1. Her collection is beautiful! You make a great point about the "real women" thing. You're right, they should have all shapes and sizes! In our backlash against the skinny standard, the skinny people then feel guilty for being skinny. Let's celebrate all types!

  2. The keynote speaker at the recent UW-Whitewater High School Creative Writing Festival references _Project Runway_ in her talk. She told the students about "sketchy" plans she'd made when moving to South Africa to become an immersion journalist. "I kept thinking about [whoever it is on Project Runway who says/said this]'s words: 'Make it work!'" She then encouraged the young people to not wait until the "perfect" time or "perfect" opportunity. When you find yourself in a situation that's not idea, "Make it work!"

  3. That's Tim Gunn : ) I do love him. I love the idea of "Make it work." I have many "Make it work" moments in my days with kids -- as do you, I'm sure! I remember so much spontaneous, unexpected things happening during lessons for sure.