I'm 37, and I Still Play With Dolls -- Sort Of...

A before and after of my first re-made doll.
I loved Barbie's when I was little. I loved dressing them up and styling their hair. I was retentive about NEVER losing any shoes or accessories. They were pristine. My Barbie adventures were very safe. Barbie at home, Barbie at work, Barbie getting married. 

Barbie getting married was my favorite. I used to pose the whole wedding party and take pictures of them with my tiny film camera. My parents were so incredibly gracious to develop all those rolls of film! Funny how the things we do as children can often predict future passions.

Anyway...this is totally unlike my best friend growing up. She cut her Barbie's hair! She put make-up on them that left stains! Her Barbie adventures were very dramatic -- like car crashes, and falling off cliffs.

I know Barbie gets a lot of flack for having a body that is so dis-proportioned. But, I gotta admit, I don't think that had any bearing on my self esteem growing up. I mean, it's a doll, a character, Did you play with Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Now there's some crazy body proportions! Strawberry shortcake dolls didn't make me wish I had a huge, enormous head.

I feel like what affects girls now-a-days is something that wasn't nearly as prevalent when I was growing up and that is the sexualized nature of the faces of many of today's dolls. It's not even the fact that they wear make-up. I like make-up. Make up is fun. But the eyes of some of the dolls these days! They are sultry. They say "come hither." The voluptuous lips are plumped up beyond belief. 
And then, we dress them in super high heels and skin tight clothes that show plenty of skin. 

I don't want my daughter playing with dolls that have sultry eyes and pouty lips! Where are the dolls that can do anything (like Barbie), but do it without false eyelashes, caked on makeup and high heels?

A few months ago, I came across Sonia Singh, creator of Tree Change Dolls. I LOVE this idea. I stole this idea. It's brilliant and fun! It makes me so happy to re-create dolls into new characters that are unique and special just like all little girls are.

And, well... I get to play with dolls : )

A before and after of my, Daughter, Gwenyth's doll.
I have had so much fun finding and re-making these dolls. I am happy to be able to share them with you now! If you'd like, you can purchase on from my Etsy shop. Keep checking back for new dolls being added in the future!

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